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Looking for a Children’s Wizard Party that’s Different
then grab your wand and levitate towards Wizzi Wizard

Wizzi Wizard is the SECRET to Fantastic Halloween Party Success

Showing Wizzi Wizard and children dressed as wizards having lots of magic fun

Brownie Camp Wizard Fun with Wizzi Wizard

Wizzi Wizard children’s entertainer turns every party into a Spooky Success. Whether you are looking for Birthday Party or Halloween Party Entertainment parents, schools and organisations know that a good children’s entertainer is the secret to great party success and invite Wizzi Wizard to provide quality fun entertainment.

Wizzi Wizard specialises in Birthday and Halloween Parties. And is happy to share his knowledge so you and your child have lots of fun and laughter.

Your party is a tremendous hit with your child and their friends. It makes your child look good too. Imagine how pleased you will be, watching your child and guests enjoying great fun. Meantime you relax knowing that you have made the right choice. With your child enjoying their best party ever you collect all the praise.

Wizzi Wizard specialises in Birthday and Halloween Parties

Wizzi Wizard Children's Party EntertainerWizzi Wizard Children's Party Entertainer

After Harry Potter everyone is into Wizards these days. Especially one who can do real magic that entertains. Wizzi Wizard’s not too scary fun children’s party entertainment makes his audience gasp with amazement. But the strange thing is he doesn’t do any magic. His audience does. Especially the birthday child who, because it is their birthday has special magical powers. And of course there is a special spot where your child produces their very own birthday present in a most magical way. This leaves their friends amazed that they could do such incredible wizard magic.

Wizzy Wizard Children's Party Entertainer and helper

Wizard magic happens everywhere throughout the show. With stories, sketches, puppets, music, games and competitions where everyone is totally involved. All emotions are used. There are exiting spots, mystery, magic routines, scary ghost stories, a witches spider and lots of spooky spells with magic everywhere.

If asked nicely Wizzy Wizard  will even show your young guests how to levitate their friends.  But please be very careful the first time can be really scary.

You have been warned!!!

“Excellent value for money.   The children were captivated throughout the whole show.  Everyone (children and adults) felt totally involved.  Made our job so much easier.  Wizzi Wizard is by far the best that we have seen.   I would not consider using any other entertainer other than Wizzi Wizard.   We have seen him four times now and his shows have been different every time.   The man is a genius with kids.”

J Kennedy, Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland

“Elissa will treasure the memories of her sixth birthday party for ever.   You made the party because you were the party.  I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful time.  Your  service and follow up is second to none.   I have raved about you to everyone I know and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you 100% to all our friends.

I thought the show was worth every penny and my daughter and her friends still rave about it.   It’s true that you only get what you pay for, or in your case you get much more.  I cannot praise you enough.   You jammed so much into the two hours you were here and you were excellent value for money.

The Wizzi Wizard show is by far the best I have ever seen.  Wizzi Wizard is a born children’s entertainer.   He knows exactly how to handle them and has a great rapport with kids and adults alike.  You manage to involve everyone. Now that is magic!!”

Mrs Sinclair, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Scotland

“The show was even better than I expected with all the children involved and engrossed! I’m going to book again in the future.” Three weeks after the party Ross’s friends were still saying his party was great – I think that speaks for itself.” Thank you Wizzie Wizard”.

E Wilson, Shotts

“You obviously have a talent for keeping children amused and love your job.  All the children loved the party and adults who you involved in one trick were mystified.  Excellent value for money.  Although I thought you were a bit expensive when first booking on seeing you in action you were worth every penny.”

J Scullion, Burnside, Glasgow, Scotland

“The children were captivated from the very start.   Lisa loved Wizzi Wizard, as did her brother, sister and all her friends (and parents!). The party was fun filled from start to finish and will be remembered for years to come.  Undoubtedly one of the best.  Excellent value for money. Many thanks Wizzi Wizard”

L Cummings, Clarkston, Glasgow, Scotland

“A first class professional entertainer. I don’t know how he finds the energy for his act but it is brilliant.

Fantastic with all of the children, caring and considerate to all of their needs. There has been a lot of work to get this performance as polished and perfect as this.

I would certainly book Mr Giggles in the future and I cannot recommend him highly enough”.

Robert Wishart Bishopton, Your Content Goes Here