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“Number One” for Pirate Parties in Scotland
Pirate and Princesses Parties For both Boys and Girls

Pirate Pete's Pirate Map

Map showing where Pirate Pete has hidden his treasure.

Pirate Pete Fun Parties

Set sail with Pirate Pete for a breath-taking buccaneering birthday party.

Then step aboard for a swashbuckling spectacle which is simply live entertainment at its very best.

Smell the gunpowder and taste the rum as the 17th century comes to life in this rip roaring adventure of seafaring skulduggery with Pirate Pete at the helm.

Happy children at a Pirate Pete party

Learning how to search for Pirate Treasure.

Pirate Pete brings the excitement and fun filled frolics of seafaring tales of magic, mystery and adventure from far away places. Join Pirate Pete, in your home or hired hall, as he entertains with magic, games, competitions, music and puppets.

When in harbour Pirate Pete finds his way to your party in search of a fresh crew to join him in a swashbuckling adventure pirate birthday party.

However be warned me harties that any mutineers will be severely dealt with. Indeed any children left behind after the party has ended will be sold as slaves!

You don’t have to be a party expert…you just have to hire one!

Pirate Pete Parties. Pirate Pete at the helm.

Pirate Pete sets sail for another fun party

Pirate Pete party entertains in your home, in a hall or venue of your choice. Let Pirate Pete sail your party problems away because he takes care of everything.

After ascertaining your exact needs he carefully designs a fun filled bespoke show to fully meet your exact expectations. To learn how pirate party entertainment meets the challenges of hosting your children’s party.

Parents who want to give their kids, boys and girls, the best pirate party and avoid any strain come to Pirate Pete who specialises in high energy, fun filled Children’s Party Entertainment.

Highly Recommended Pirate Entertainer

Pirate Pete at SS Glenlee, Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

In Pier 17, Glasgow Harbour picking up a scurvy crew and fresh supplies

As a recommended Pirate entertainer aboard The Tall Ship, Glasgow you can even hire The Tall Ship as your party venue. Every child loves to celebrate their birthday with a “real” Pirate aboard a “real” pirate ship.

Pirate Pete enjoys many magical adventures upon the tall seas. Moreover children love to come dressed as pirates, princesses or mermaids. And to complete your pirate deception I shall even teach you how to “Talk  like a Real Pirate”How to Talk Like A Real Mean Pirate.

Come along and experience the sounds and smells of a real pirate’s party with Pirate Pete. Complete with Jolly Roger, mock yardarm and rigging for children to climb and learn what life was really like at sea.

Wanting a pirate theme magic birthday party that is totally different? You will have difficulty finding one with so much action and comedy which will be remembered for weeks, months, even years afterwards.

Pirates and Princesses Parties

Princess and Pirate Parties

New crew. Three pirates and loads of princesses.

Princesses Birthday Parties are loved by both girls and boys We call them Princess and Pirate Parties.

Themed around Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell children love Princess and pirate parties.

Young boys love to dress as Peter Pan who always defeats Capt Hook and his villainous crew. Girls of course love to dress as Princesses, Tinkerbell and Mermaids . Older children, boys and girls, very often prefer to dress as blood thirsty horrible pirates!!

Sometimes children don’t dress up. The choice is entirely yours.

Moreover there is a very special spot where, in front of all of their guests, the birthday child actually produces their very own pirate birthday treasure. This is done in a most magical way leaving all their friends astonished that they could do such great magic

Shipmates receive a Special Pirate Pete Map to take home in their goody bags. “However just don’t even think of stealing me treasure me harties or ye will walk the plank. Even worst I’ll keelhaul ye. You have bin warned.”

Pirate Pete setting sail aboard The Tall Ship, Glasgow, Scotland

Pirate Pete setting sail for home aboard The Tall Ship, Glasgow, Scotland

Expert Friendly Help from an Expert Kids Party Specialist

Pirate Pete works with busy parents, schools and nurseries who want children’s entertainment that is different, fun and stress free.

Which means organising your pirate party is so easy and with no risk.

Always in demand and performing many “repeat” parties for the same parents and schools year after year. Pirate Pete delivers high-performance, fast paced, energy driven shows which are very different but always perfect for your child. He achieve this thanks to constant innovation based on user feedback.

Together with a high commitment to always exceed your expectations Pirate Pete attracts thoughtful parents who expect, demand and deserve the best pirate fun . That’s why you should always insist upon Pirate Pete for your child’s very affordable, Risk Free, Amazing Pirate Party.

“Your Party Benefits”

😊Your child is the STAR OF THE SHOW
😊Your child will thank you
😊You won’t get stressed
😊Pirate Pete takes all the strain in his stride
😊You enjoy the your party more knowing your guests are all enjoying themselves
😊Pirate Pete knows children’s humour and what’s in and what’s out!
😊His colourful costume sets the tone of the party.
😊Children immediately know that they are in for an extraordinary treat
😊Pirate Pete helps every single child feel extra special no matter how many children there are at the party
😊At school all your child’s friends will be raving about the great time they had and
😊You get all the praise from children and parents alike for organising such a great party

Together we make your next kids party totally amazing, fun and unforgettable.

SO…RIGHT AWAY while you’re thinking about it DON’T DELAY
CALL NOW for cost and availability before someone else books your date.
0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

Showing Pirate Pete loving The Tall Ship, SS Glenlee, Glasgow, Strathclyde,Scotland

Avast me harties. Don’t be stealin me treasure and I’ll be seein ye aboard the Tall Ship, Riverside, Glasgow, Scotland.

“I like to say what a great time my Grandson and his friends had at his 5th Birthday Party.

I didn’t know that kids could be so well entertained till you came along to our party. The kids were enthralled and so well entertained everything was a great success. What a great entertainer you are. Two hours of sheer magic.

I will have no hesitation now or in the future recommending you to friends and have already done so.

Kids and Parents alike were amazed at how you held the kids attention.

My grandsons face was a picture, you made it so special for him, a lasting memory of his 5th Birthday.

Looking foreword to booking you again.”

A very Grateful Renfrew Granny, Susan Martin, Renfrew, Renfrewshire, Scotland

“Pirate Pete offers a great variety of activities.  It was 2 hours of fun and totally stress free for mummy and daddy.  All of the children were engrossed in what Pirate Pete was doing – his jokes were perfect for their sense of humour – (the adults enjoyed it too!)

As a teacher I have seen many children’s shows but I have never seen anyone hold the children’s attention for 2 hours.  Thank you – I’ve given your card to the head teacher. I thought that Pirate Pete was great value for money and have recommend him to my friends and family.

Thank you very much for helping to make Emily’s 5th Birthday Party such a success.

She had a wonderful time with all her pirate friends and I am sure that she will always remember the fun she had.  Thanks again.”

L and A Dick, Erskine, Scotland

 “We first heard of Pirate Pete when our son came home from a party begging for Pirate Pete to come to his party.  When calling to book Pirate Pete everything was clearly explained, even the silly questions you forget to ask are all answered in a letter.

I don’t think that we could have wished for the party to be any better than it was, everyone, young and old really enjoyed it.  I couldn’t believe it when you got my 11 year old cousin to join in wiggling his fingers as he’s at the stage when it’s not “cool” to act silly!!  Pirate Pete is far better than any children’s acts I’ve seen.  Most other shows tend to be the same old show but with a different entertainer.

I think that everybody should book Pirate Pete or one of his other characters.  It’s the best way to enjoy a stress free party that everyone, young and old will enjoy and remember.

L Coyle, Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland

 “I first heard of you from a friend when I mentioned that I was looking for a magician who was ‘different from the norm’.

The children were completely enthralled by Pirate Pete’s antics. I was concerned that the children might not sit. How wrong I was. The show was superb and completely different from anything my children have seen.

I feel the show was value for money and although it is slightly more expensive than other entertainers I have booked, the enthusiasm and professionalism was superb and well worth the money.

Pirate Pete captured the children’s imagination and attention from the moment he entered the room and was still performing tricks for my son even when he was packing his car to go home.

28 Children and 10 adults had a fantastic day and this will be a party they will remember for a very long time.   It’s just a pity I didn’t know of you a few years ago!”

F Young, Larbert, near Falkirk, Scotland

“I had to e-mail you to say how impressed I was today at Niamh’s party.

Not only was your costume and set wonderful but from start to finish you captivated the children and they participated fully in all of your show.

Niamh was made to feel truly magical and special and she ran to us and said it was the best birthday party ever !

That is the biggest birthday present we could ever have wished for her. I really can’t thank you enough. You gave us and her magical memories of a special day and Ciara her little sister was made to feel important too!

You covered every wish I could have had for the day. Thanks a million ! ”

J Davidson, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, Scotland

“We were absolutely delighted with how beautifully smooth Charlotte’s party was – it was, to say the very least, the easiest, non stressful party I have organised and everyone who attended commented on your absolute professionalism and wonderful way with children.  Charlotte had a wonderful time and she clearly felt very comfortable being the centre of attraction – not something very easily achieved with my first-born!  Thank you so very, very much, for the care and attention you provided and thank you for making my job and my husband’s very, very easy on the day”ob and my husband’s very, very easy on the day

V Smith, Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland

“There is no comparison between Pirate Pete’s show and others seen.   Pirate Pete wins hands down.

Excellent value for money (however won’t say too cheap as will be re-booking.  Morgan asked for you for his next party.

You ooze professionalism, both the kids and adults were highly entertained.

I have never seen an entertainer with so many skills and abilities. You are still spoke about by all who attended AMAZING”

K Fuentes, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Scotland

“We hired Pirate Pete for our daughters 6th birthday party at The Tall Ship, Glasgow.

His performance was top class and worth every single penny. Prompt correspondence, punctual arrival, professional conduct and manner topped off with an absolutely amazing performance.

All the kids have been raving about him since the party. He certainly made our daughter feel very special on her birthday by including her in parts of the performance. She is now convinced she really is ‘magic’!

If Pirate Pete is available for your party do not hesitate to book him. You will not be disappointed.”

Willer Glasgow

“You captured the children’s attention and imagination the minute the party began. In fact before that, when waiting on all the children to arrive.

You worked extremely hard and put a lot of preparation into your show. The result was you gave Peter a wonderful 4th Birthday party to remember and my husband and I feel that we got value for money.

Since Peter’s party, the children all continue to talk about it and the great fun they had. You obviously have a great love of children and enjoy what you do – this certainly comes across in your show. The children were enthralled and captivated for the full two hours.

From my first contact I had with you I was always left feeling confident and having no worries about the party. For that and also making Peter’s day so very, very special I cannot thank you enough.

I have passed your details to friends, nurseries and schools. I do hope they book one of your shows and experience it for themselves.”

J Currie, Fauldshouse, West Lothian, Scotland