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Your Pirate Pete / Mr Giggles Party Checklist ensures nothing is missed. From a simple birthday party for a few children at home to a full blown street party you need to be organised. On the other hand you might need some help to ensure your party is the most talked about event ever. Hence this Party Checklist to ensure your stress free kids party goes brilliantly. All it takes is a little preparation.

To help organise your party and make your event run smoothly use Pirate Pete / Mr Giggles Party CheckList / Planner and you cannot go wrong. Tick each box when you do the activity.

Please involve the party child from the beginning. The older the child, the more essential this is.

Β 4-6 weeks before your party

😊 Decide the party theme of your party.

😊 Create your guest list. This list will depend on the age of your child. Guests of children age four years and under largely consist of friends from mother and toddler groups, nurseries and relatives. For school age children, five year old and above, invite school friends and special relatives.

😊 Decide your party date and time. Parties usually last around one hour for children aged four years and under and up to two hours for older children. Don’t be tempted to go longer. Always leave your guests wanting more.

😊 When hiring a children’s party entertainer select one who compliments your party theme. For example, a clown for a circus theme, a pirate for a swashbuckling pirate theme, wizard for a Harry Potter theme etc. Also ensure your entertainer is suitable for your age group. Remember good entertainers have a loyal following. They tend to be booked fairly far in advance. So avoid disappointment and get the time you want nice and early.

😊 Depending on the number of children invited and their age you may wish to hire a hall or other venue. This is not essential and I perform many great parties in a child’s home. Homes are highly recommended and most popular especially for a younger child.

3-4 weeks before your party

😊 Order party supplies, decorations and, party favours, to fit in with your theme.Β  Don’t forget supplies for activities as well as prizes for games. Be sure to order sufficient tableware for the children and any adults that attend.

😊 Send out your invitations as soon as possible in case another child in your child’s class is planning a party on the same day. Otherwise you may have to change your party date to accommodate special friends. Ask guests to RSVP to get an estimate of how many children to expect. And please follow up with those who have not replied no later than the week before the party.

2-3 weeks before your party

😊 Decide on activities and games to play. Bear in mind the age of the children and plan games and activities accordingly.Β  Β Moreover plan for more games than you believe you need in case the activities don’t last as long as you expect. Experience dictates they won’t!Β  Check out the many game suggestions on my web site.

😊 Hiring a professional children’s entertainer for the duration of the party will take care of this making life easy for you. I highly recommend avoiding elimination games since, for those children who are “out”, the party is boring.

😊 Decide your food menu keeping food and drink simple and appropriate to your theme. Again see my suggestions.

😊 Arrange help for the party day from friends or relatives. They in turn will assist you when it is their child’s big day

1 week before the party

😊 Buy your cake unless you are baking your own. I know the best places to buy cakes so if you are unsure ask my advice.

😊 Prepare any food that can be made ahead of time and store in the freezer.

😊 Write out a final schedule of activities for your party.

😊 Confirm any orders placed for the cake and/or party supplies.

😊 Good entertainers always write acknowledging the details of your party to avoid any misunderstanding. Anything misunderstood is rectified before your big comes arrives. If you have not received an acknowledgement’ contact your entertainer to make sure that he is definately coming!

😊 Likewise you will receive confirmation when hiring your hall. If not, contact the hirer to ensure everything is in place.

2-3 days before the party

😊 Buy remaining food for your party.

😊 Check batteries for camera and/or camcorder.

😊 Get an exact guest count. Again call those who haven’t responded.

😊 Arrange to pick up balloons filled with helium on the day of the party. It is fun to see each guest go home with a balloon.  Indeed many parents ask Mr Giggles to provide modelled balloons for each  party guest. If this interests you just ask me and I shall help you.

1 day before the party

😊 Finish decorating the cake, or pick up the cake from the bakers.

😊 Ensure you have plenty of candles and matches.  You would be amazed how many parents forget matches.

😊 If purchasing helium-filled balloons collect them from the shop or have them delivered as inflated balloons take up a lot of space.

😊 Child-proof the party area and put away any prized possessions both for your own sanity and relaxation.

😊 Decorate indoor rooms if possible.

😊 Depending on the weather, put up gazebos and decorate any outdoor areas.

😊 Prepare food that can be made ahead of time.

😊 Again contact your entertainer especially if you have not used him/her before.

Yippee it’s Party day

😊 Prepare foods and drinks that could not be made ahead of time.

😊 Be aware that some guests will arrive before the time expected so be ready before the appointed party time.

😊 Leave dressing the birthday child in his/her party clothes until just before the party starts especially if it is a theme costume.

😊 Take any posed pictures you want before your guests start to arrive.

😊 Remember to take lots of pictures to commemorate your hard work. Birthdays are so special and great to look back on in the days, months and years ahead. Finally relax and enjoy your party. Your Party Checklist worked. 😊

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