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Magician Entertainer for your Best Amazing Children’s Magic Birthday Party

What You Get

Showing children having fun at a magic showMr Giggles Magician is an outstanding Children’s Magician Birthday Party Performer. No rabbits out of a hat here, no cheesy Magician,  just the Most Amazing Fun Filled, Energetic Magic Party you’ve ever hosted.

So expect to hear gasps of astonishment and peals of laughter, resound around the room. The whole experience will leave you and your guests speechless experiencing long lasting magical memories to last a lifetime. And the most amazing thing is, you don’t have to do anything. I take care of everything.

Bespoke Children’s Entertainment

First and foremost Mr Giggles Magician “Specialises” in providing “bespoke” children’s Fun Magic Entertainment built around your needs.

Delivering magic shows to busy parents, schools, nurseries and businesses in and around Glasgow, Scotland suitable for children aged 4 years to 15 years.

Mr Giggles Magician clients demand children’s magic entertainment that is different and fun which is delivered in abundance. Maximum enjoyment is to the fore whilst building tons of happy childhood memories and laughter, which last a lifetime

SO…RIGHT AWAY before your date is gone CALL NOW for cost and availability
0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

Showing Gordon Dickson Magician

Magic Suitable for , Church Organisations, Children and Family Events

 No blood or gore, no mystical incantations, no satanic mutterings, only good clean skillful sleight-of-hand magic fun.

I can deliver great magic shows without using magic wands, magic words or even using the word “magic” if mums feel it may upset their or their guests religious beliefs.

Please also check out my many testimonials / reviews and read what people say about my magic shows.

Organising your family and children magic party is FUN, EASY AND STRESS FREE.

Even shy children feel confident with my gentle approach.

You really can book with confidence.

Why Hire a Magician?

Showing Mr Giggles Magician and children spinning plates at a magic party

We know that every child loves Father Christmas and magic.   But when the very young at playgroup and nursery schools see Santa close up in shops or fairs at Christmas the experience can be frightening.  Sometimes it can be the same when meeting a clown for the first time.   To some young children a clown is a cartoon character from books and television come alive!  The experience can sometimes be over powering for children.

For this reason my Mr Giggles Magician character can be the safe option for the very young age group of three and four years. At the other end of the age group, older children may feel that a clown is more appropriate for younger children. If this is an issue for you simply opt for Wizzi Wizard or my Mr Giggles Magician character. Moreover Pirate Pete and Mr Giggles the Gentle Clown can also do magic so you are spoilt for choice when you wish interactive high energy magic entertainment.

Child friendly Mr Giggles Magician With Birthday child.A child Friendly Magician is a Great Choice

It is very unusual for Mr Giggles the Clown with his child friendly appearance and gentle approach to have any problems entertaining young children. Many children liken Mr Giggles to Mr Tumble from BBC’s Cbeebies.  However, if your child does not like clowns then my magician character is a good safe alternative. If you have any worries on this issue please call me to chat over your concerns.

Every child is different and no one should be put in a box or categorised. THIS is why I give you of my time, to listen, reflect and discuss those matters important to you. I always go that extra mile to ensure the success of your magic party. As my many reviews testify you get amazing quality and amazing value for money whichever character you choose.

SO…RIGHT AWAY while you’re thinking about it CALL MR GIGGLES MAGICIAN NOW for cost and availability before another mum books your date.
0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

“With a daughter who loves magic, especially card magic, having a personal magician was perfect.

Working in my not so large lounge with 8 young teens, one mid teen and a not so young anymore adult (me! ), Gordon was FANTASTIC.

Funny and friendly, Gordon did a range of close up (and considering the size of the lounge, very close up) magic tricks which were excellent. Cards, coins, balls, mind reading, memory testing and prediction magic are just part of his range of entertainment skills.

My now 13 year old daughter is still thanking me for ‘the best birthday ever’. It was an experience we will all remember forever.

Thank you so much Mr.Dickson for such a wonderful and personalised show :).”

Charlotte Macdonal Kinross

“Mr Giggles has been to our home twice, I’ve seen many of my kids friends parties, including the inevitable horrors of leaping around at bland soft plays.

Give your kids a sparkling memory of their special day with laughs, participation, interaction, comedy and magic delivered professionally.

Children who attended our sons birthday parties rave about how great they were, with Mr Giggles leading the entertainment.”

Dr John J Marshall Dumbarton

“Excellent.  I could not have wished for more.

Excellent value for money compared to previous magician entertainers.  I can honestly say that you are the better performer and the cheapest.

We thought the whole magic show was fantastic.

Kids loved every minute of it and were quite sad when you left. They wanted you back again the following week for baby Ciaran’s birthday so we all look forward to seeing you next year.”

M Kane, Barrhead, Glasgow, Scotland

“We had Pirate Pete entertain our daughter and her friends for her 5th birthday a few years ago.

Memories of a roaringly successful birthday party prompted me to call on Mr Giggles for our son’s 6th birthday party.

Another wonderful party. He engaged with our son from the very moment he walked in the door and had him instantly captivated.

I love the sound of children’s laughter which was in constant and plentiful supply for the next two hours (along with the adults’!).

Great fun and very professional. I don’t think I could have kept thirteen 6-year old boys sitting still on my living room floor for 2 minutes let alone 2 hours – he makes it look so easy. He even made time, while clearing up to teach my daughter, her friend and me the art of plate spinning.

Highly recommended!”

Sonja Carr Dunblane