How to Choose a Kids Party Entertainer

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Easy Guide To Children’s Parties

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“The good ones soon develop a following, but after the twentieth viewing the novelty does begin to wear off.   Always ensure you get what you ask for and choose something age appropriate.”

NOTE: Gordon Dickson Entertainments uses more than one character (pirate, clown, wizard, magician) which gives you you choice. Also hiring an entertainer who is different to others means your party is always more exciting for all your guests.

Top Five Tips

When when it comes to choosing the entertainment for your child’s birthday party, it’s important to get it right. Below are my Top Five Tips to choosing the right children’s party entertainer for your needs.

Find what your child is interested in

Perhaps your child likes magic, super heroes, pirates, princesses, clowns or craft activities etc.. It makes sense to hire an entertainer who specialises in providing parties of this nature. Also consider hiring an entertainer offering something very different to bring that added “X Factor” to your party.

Choose an entertainer that has great reviews

All entertainers these days will have a section on their web site showing testimonials or reviews from previous customers.  If they don’t, ask why not.

Talk to your entertainer

Always talk to your entertainer before booking.  You will learn a lot about his attitude towards his work. Also if your child has seen him before let him know of  anything he did your child particularly loved. Perhaps your child is especially looking forward to seeing a particular magic trick that they saw at a friends party. Since Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete performs many repeat parties lots of children love to take part in their favourite trick or juggling routine. Be sure to let your entertainer know to avoid disappointment.

Make sure your entertainment will be age appropriate

If an entertainer does not state a particular age group they entertain it is best to ask them.  Some acts cater best for a specific age group. Most entertainers will have age guidelines for their particular act and it is generally best to stay within these. But don’t be afraid to look around for something a little bit different.

Some Entertainers offer mascot entertainment

Be aware that some children are afraid of their favourite character when they see them in the “flesh”. Also bear in mind some entertainers employ a number of staff to be the mascot and some are better than others. If mascot entertainment interests you ask for a review of the specific person who will be in costume on your day.

Remember It is Your Choice

You are in control. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to splash out on a children’s entertainer to do all the work. It is far better you feel relaxed and happy, creating a great day for your child than feeling tense and irritable. Always choose your kids party entertainer carefully. This will make or break your party.

Consider these popular party options when choosing your kids party entertainer:


Please be aware however that some young children can find clowns frightening. To solve this potential problem ask your clown if he is prepared to perform with minimum make up.  Also unless clowns also perform magic tricks or other related skills such as juggling, today’s children can easily become bored. Choose your kids party entertainer carefully and you will have no problems.


Most young children are thrilled by a little magic. For older children choose a magician who is a member of the Magic Circle and takes his art seriously as this age group want to be treated as young adults. Adults acting silly is not fun, but patronising.

Face Painters

Good face painting takes time so it’s helpful to have a professional face painter working alongside other activities.   Professional face painters will ensure all paints used are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.  If you are in Scotland I recommend Rita Cherry.  Not only a fabulous painter but a lovely, lovely person.

Balloon Modelling

Although balloon modelling isn’t enough on its own most children are thrilled to go home with a balloon model quickly made by an entertainer towards the end of the party.  This also avoids any tears if the balloon accidentally bursts.

General Entertainer

Always check exactly what you are getting and for how long their performance lasts.  Some general  entertainers offer prizes, puns, ditties, jokes, songs and perhaps the odd pet rabbit.

Bouncy Castles/ Ball Pool

Although great fun these need careful supervision and a large garden or hall space. They are an excellent idea if your expecting lots of children, but better in a hall or play centre than at home.  Please remember to ensure adequate adult supervision to avoid accidents. Also consider the varying sizes/weights of children. Don’t have big children bouncing at the same time as the little ones. You have been warned. Please bounce safe.


Discos mainly appeal to older children girls and boys. Many will relish the chance to dress up cool and dance. Choose a Kids Party Entertainer who has the most up to date music since to many young children a week is a long time and yesterday’s music not cool.

Older Kids – Pyjama Party

A party in PJs is great fun but generally works best with small numbers. Slumber parties usually involve a decent video, take away pizza or other easy party food and games. Storytelling goes down well. Just don’t make them too scary. Sleeping bags and the obligatory midnight feast add to the fun and it’s a good cheap option.

How Does Gordon Dickson Entertainments Children’s Parties Measure Up?

First and foremost I specialise in Children’s Party Entertainment. This means your party is easy for you to plan with more fun than you ever thought imaginable. Plus you avoid risk when using a professional experienced entertainer. Click here for more information.

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