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Gordon DicksonThis Frequently Asked Questions section arose to help answer many common questions clients raised over the years when hiring a Children’s Entertainer.

If you like me to add your question to this Frequently Asked Questions section simply drop me a note.

Having entertained children over many years I have learned a thing or two to help party organisers have a terrific time. Let me help you too.

What is the Best Way to Hire a Children’s Party Entertainer

I always recommend speaking with friends and family who have used entertainers in the past and ask for their recommendation.  Word of mouth is still the best way to choose a children’s entertainer. Also use the Internet to search for local entertainers in your area and create a short list of possible prospects.

Next, knowing exactly what you want to make your party perfect speak direct with a number of children’s entertainers to see if they are a good fit to satisfy your needs. This way you will get a feel for what is on offer and the cost involved. Moreover you will quickly find out we are not all the same.  If you are unsure what you want or  feel free to give me a call and I shall you in every way possible.

Best advice I can give is “please don’t go with  the cheapest price you can get”. Like everything else in this world you will get what you pay for. However please don’t necessarily go for the dearest either. Find out exactly what you will receive for your money and always make sure it satisfies what you want and need.  If it doesn’t meet your needs and your party is a flop you have wasted your money no matter how cheap it is.

To help you further read this “Useful Guide on How to Choose a Kids Party Entertainer”.

What makes your party entertainment different?

Nothing brings as much pleasure to a child or community as having a “bespoke show” based around their personality, needs and community interests.

Much more than a simple a fun party.  This is Mobile Theatre.  Moreover Mobile Theatre appeals to all of the children’s emotions and involves all of the audience all of the time. Children do not simply sit and watch, they participate. Mr Giggles quickly achieves a rapport with his young audiences that is unequalled in children’s entertainment. Even the shyest child quickly warms to Mr Giggles gentle approach. This leads to a terrific public show or birthday party experience for everyone.

Because each show brings originality and fun to the fore this makes your “unique production” a truly magical experience. You will never hear children say “seen it, done it, boring” because Mobile Theatre is a new exciting style of children’s party entertainment. Also the show is never about me. It is always about the children. Together we make your children’s next party totally amazing, fun and unforgettable.

What is your price?

Fees are dependent on the length of the show, how far I have to travel, and whether or not assistants are requested. Visiting the Scottish Islands in particular often involves ferries and sometimes an overnight stay which can all affect the cost of your event. Please call to discuss cost for your individual needs. Having said that, since most parties I perform are based within the Central Belt of Scotland cost is competitive with other experienced children’s entertainers. I am not a cheap act nor the most expensive by a long shot and if you read my customer reviews you will see happy clients consider me the “best value for money” show around.

 However it’s also perhaps worth mentioning if price is your ONLY consideration I may not be the best fit for your event.

How far do you Travel?

How far I travel very much depends upon the time of the year and weather. However I mostly perform in and around Central Scotland but actually travel all over Scotland, from the Scottish Borders to the Highlands. I once did nine, public show performances, in seven different locations in three days all over Highland Region. Great people, great audiences and fantastically beautiful scenery.  As you can imagine I love visiting the Scottish Highlands and Islands and love performing private events as well as during festivals.  For example, a show in Lamlash during the Arran Folk Festival allowed me to treat it as a working holiday!

How Far  in Advance should I book a Show

While my diary does fill up quickly, depending on availability, I can be booked at the last minute. However, you should plan on booking as early as possible especially if you if you are looking for a weekend event at End of Term, Christmas, Easter and other holiday times. Don’t forget lots of children have birthday parties and I cannot be in two places at the same time. Once I am booked I am booked.

Booking early is never a problem for mums as I never, ever cancel nor let anyone down. Also in the very, very unusual circumstances when I may be seriously ill I would always provide you with a professional, excellent substitute so you will never be let down.

What Do I get?

😊 Great Party Entertainment
😊 Party Games
😊 Full PA System
😊 Lights
😊 Magic Show
😊 Your child is the STAR OF THE SHOW
😊 You won’t get stressed
😊 Balloons
😊 Interactive Disco
😊 We take all the strain in our stride
😊 Background set-up
😊 You enjoy the birthday party more knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves
😊 We know children’s humour and what’s in and what’s out!
😊 Colourful magical costume sets the tone of the party.
😊 Children know that they are in for an extraordinary treat as every single child feel special.
😊 At school all your child’s friends will be talking about the great time they had.
😊 Your child will thank you and you get all the praise from children and parents alike and most importantly of all,

Do I Need to Organise Party Games?

No, not unless you want to. I will do everything for you. However always remember you are always in charge so simply relax and enjoys your child’s party. The party games that Pirate Pete / Mr Giggles play avoid eliminating anyone so that all of the children are kept involved all of the time.   If eliminated, children lose interest and may become a little fractious.

If organising games yourself also keep the games short and use music wherever appropriate. Sadly I have seen so many entertainers and adults drag things out. Offer lots of different games and keep them short and snappy is always the best way to go.

While I take care of the games for you here are a few tips if organising games on your own without an entertainer. Be imaginative and then come back and check out “Mr Giggles”, “Pirate” and “Wizard” party games (coming shortly). Also check out “Kids Party Cabin” for good  theme party ideas and hire me as your preferred entertainer.

Can I Book with Confidence?

I realize that your time is very valuable and if you want your party to be successful and relaxed you simply can’t do everything by yourself.

I’m here to help and take all the hard work out of organizing your party so that you can focus on what it is that you do best –bringing your passion to the fore!

With over twenty years experience as a full time professional kids party entertainer Gordon Dickson Entertainments  ensures you a professional approach which means that you can be certain that when I guarantee that you will have the most memorable party ever, it’s based upon over twenty years of dedicated effort to my craft, and not from someone, who having been made redundant, just bought a magic DVD last week!

My promise to “exceed” your expectations helped me to become one of the most successful and respected children’s entertainers in Scotland.
All of this means there’s no need for you to worry and, knowing that this business is “DRIVEN BY SERVICE” means you are always assured of getting the very best fun, unique, stress free party entertainment conceivable at the very best price possible.

I am in constant demand and perform many “repeat” parties for the same parents, children and schools year after year which means YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT that you and your child will have an unforgettable fantastic experience.

Why should I  hire you?

I try really hard to make life easy for you by listening to what you need. And because I specialise in children’s parties you can be certain you’ll always get a quality, and value for money, show that you and your family deserve. My many reviews from happy parents say it all.

Also bear in mind :-

  • I specialise in age appropriate show packages
  • All of my characters are known for being gentle entertainers that children feel comfortable with and can relate to
  • I provide amazing kids magician shows with lots of colour and stories especially for the young ones
  • Included is a childrens disco within my magician show package
  • I am Disclosure Scotland Approved
  • Lastly having a wealth of experienced as an entertainer for children and also adults with complex and special needs, I have Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme Approval backed up with a reputation of being patient, kind and understanding as well as energetic and passionate.

Aren’t Birthday Parties Stressful?

Not necessarily. Without help they can be. Let’s face it, it is not something you do every day. Click here for a free helpful Party Checklist.

 However hiring an experienced professional children’s entertainer like “Gordon Dickson Entertainments” removes all your stress and actually increases your fun and that of your child.

To many parents, the task of organising a children’s party alone is a daunting one. No matter how brave you feel before the event, the real test comes on the day itself as you prepare to receive a host of youngsters most of whom you have never met before.

Furthermore the day poses many questions such as:

😊 How will I entertain them
😊 How will I cope if children are naughty or over excited
😊 What if they are bored
😊 If I hire an entertainer how do I know if they are any good
😊 Do they specialise in children’s parties or do they attempt to perform “for all occasions”
😊 Will they be reliable
😊 Can I trust the entertainer to make my child’s party a success
😊 Will they turn up on time
😊 Do they have a legitimate business ID and are they appropriately disclosed
😊 How do I know if the cost is fair and value for money
😊 Where will I find a reliable professional children’s entertainer and not some inexperienced amateur who is just starting out?


Remember I remove all your potential party worries making organising your kids party enjoyable and ever so easy for you.

I trust these Frequently Asked Questions helped solve your party query.  If not, let me know and I shall add your question to my Frequently Asked Questions page to help other mums and dads.  Thank you for reading.

If you are seriously looking to hire a Children’s Entertainer “Click Here” for more useful information.


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