Frequently Asked Questions

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How far do you Travel?

I perform mostly in and around Central Scotland but travel all over Scotland. I once did seven, public show performances, in seven different locations in three days all over Highland Region. Great people, great audiences and fantastically beautiful scenery. Much depends upon the time of the year and weather.

What makes your parties different?

Nothing brings as much pleasure to a child as having a “bespoke birthday show” based around their personality, needs and interests.

Mobile theatre appeals to all of their emotions and involves all of the audience all of the time. Children do not simply sit and watch, they participate. Mr Giggles quickly achieves a rapport with his young audiences that is unequalled in children’s entertainment. Even the shyest child quickly warms to Mr Giggles gentle approach. This leads to a terrific public show or birthday party experience for everyone.

Each show brings originality and fun to the fore making your “unique production” a truly magical experience.You will never hear them say “seen it, done it, boring” because Mobile Theatre is a new exciting style of children’s birthday party entertainment. The show is never about me. It is always about the children. Together we make your child’s next birthday party totally amazing, fun and unforgettable.

What is the Cost?

Fees are dependent on the length of the show, how far I have to travel, and whether or not assistants are requested. Please contact Gordon to discuss pricing for your individual needs.

What Do I get?

😊Great Party Entertainment
😊Your child is the STAR OF THE SHOW
😊You won’t get stressed
😊Gordon takes all the strain in his stride
😊You enjoy the birthday party more knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves
😊Gordon knows children’s humour and what’s in and what’s out!
😊His colourful magical costume sets the tone of the party.
😊Children know that they are in for an extraordinary treat as every single child feel special.
😊At school all your child’s friends will be talking about the great time they had.
😊Your child will thank you and you get all the praise from children and parents alike and most importantly of all,

Can I Book with Confidence?

I am in constant demand and perform many “repeat” parties for the same parents, children and schools year after year. which means YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT that you and your child will have an unforgettable fantastic experience.

My promise to “exceed” your expectations helped me be one of the most respected children’s entertainers in Scotland which  means there’s no need for you to worry.

Why should I  hire you?

I try harder to make life easy for you by listening to what you need. And because I specialise in children’s parties you can be certain you’ll always get a quality, and value for money, show that you and your family deserve.

How Far in Advance should I book a Show

While my diary does fill up quickly, depending on availability, I can be booked at the last minute. However, you should plan on booking as early as possible especially if you if you are looking for a weekend event at End of Term, Christmas, Easter and other holiday times. Don’t forget lots of children have birthday parties.  I cannot be in two places at the same time. Once I am booked I am booked. I never let you down.

Aren’t Birthday Parties Stressful?

Not necessarily. Without help they can be. Let’s face it, it is not something you do every day.

To many parents, the task of organising a children’s party alone is a daunting one. No matter how brave you feel before the event, the real test comes on the day itself as you prepare to receive a host of youngsters most of whom you have never met before.

Furthermore the day poses many questions such as:

😊How will I entertain them
😊How will I cope if the children are naughty or over exited
😊What if they are bored
😊If I hire an entertainer how do I know if they are any good
😊Do they specialise in children’s parties or do they attempt to perform “for all occasions”
😊Will they be reliable
😊Can I trust the entertainer to make my child’s party a success
😊Will they turn up on time
😊Do they have a legitimate business ID and are they appropriately disclosed
😊How do I know if the cost is fair and value for money
😊Where will I find a reliable professional children’s entertainer and not some inexperienced amateur who is just starting out?

“To remove all these and any other party concerns you may have”
Call 0141 886 2905 or Mob: 07852726090 and ask for Gordon