Easy Guide to Children’s Parties

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Extracts from The Easy Guide to Children’s Parties written by Dawn Robinson-Walsh and sponsored by Abbey National plc.

This Easy Guide to Children’s Parties is aimed to help parents know what to expect.

“There can be intense one-upmanship in the party business. In a class, each child’s party may have to be bigger, better and more unusual than the last.

At extremes, this leads to people hiring celebrities, coach trips to interactive museums and mini holidays. There is also a danger that gift accumulation becomes more important than the party itself.

Break the mould.  Let the emphasis be on fun, rather than spending.

There is a lot to be said for emphasising people not money – sometimes less is more.”

Gordon Dickson Entertainments strongly agrees with this statement. Children’s Parties are all about building happy childhood memories, having fun with friends, learning to share and enjoy the company of others. Let’s all support this aim.  Your child will thank you and the world will be a better place.

The Party Circuit

“Your child starts playgroup, nursery or school and is suddenly invited to everyone’s parties, You’re thrilled that your child is so well integrated and popular. But wait….soon you’re expected to return the favour.

You’ll quickly discover today’s parties are big business – jelly and ice cream are no longer where it’s at.   Research commissioned by Abbey National a few years ago from The Future Foundation suggests today’s parents are keen to give their children a very good time.   The findings show spending on children’s parties and birthday presents is higher than you’d imagine.

Four fifths (80%) of parents are spending a lot more on their children than their own parents did.   More than a third (35%) do so because they have more money, but 13% feel under pressure to keep up with other families.

Many parents are keen to indulge their children and spend what they can afford or more!

The good news is few parents spend their money to compensate for spending too little time with their offspring.   So your birthday party really is a labour of love!”

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