Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

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Caribbean Joe’s Children’s “Luau” Birthday Party Ideas

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas suitable for creative terrific parties at home or in a hall.

In case you don’t know the meaning of Luau is “a Hawaiian party or feast, especially one accompanied by some form of entertainment.”

Family Occasions are Fun

Sending the Invitations

Use your computer to make up an invitation showing a beach design with (palm trees, shells, fish, b0ats etc.) as the basic details.

Invite guests to come wearing Hawaiian shirts, shorts and bright coloured clothing. The brighter the better. Straw hats are a must on a hot day.  Alternatively invite guests to come dressed for a hot summer day with shorts sandals shades etc. Looks great especially if it is a winter party,

Invite guests to bring towels and you have a ready made seating arrangement. Have fun with your invitations as this sets the theme.  For example you might say  “We’re having a lulu of a Luau…and you’re invited!”

Family Occasions are Fun

Upon Arrival

Welcome your child’s guests to your Caribbean theme party with flower garlands, which incidentally the Hawaiians call a “lei” or even just a tropical bloom to tuck behind the ear as they pass into your hot tropical paradise be it is your front room, a hall, or, if the weather permits your garden.

Offer raffia grass skirts for the girls as it looks fabulous and helps create the tone of the party. Beachcomber hats and Rastafarian wigs for the boys also go down a treat. Don’t forget to greet the guests with the traditional Hawaiian hello “Aloha” to instantly make everyone feel warm and relaxed and ready to party!! And don’t forget Reggie music in the background to help cement the relaxed hot party atmosphere.

Family Occasions are Fun


Now is the time to get really creative with your children’s birthday party ideas!  Most good party suppliers will be able to supply you  with an exceptional choice of props for creating the perfect Caribbean themed event.

There is a wide choice of backdrops available in scenic gauze, canvas or plastic depicting beach scenes, silhouette sunsets, etc A couple of Palm trees and if you are adventurous some rum barrels, lobster pots, cork floats and other fishing gear, lots of conch shells and don’t forget that surf board that’s lying in the garage. Use vibrant orange, bright lime, shocking pink and florescent green balloons to set the tropical mood.

You don’t have to be extravagant. Hang blow-up Beach Balls from your ceiling could be just as effective especially with young children.  Just make sure as with any decorations that they are located where no one will bump into them. Afterwards give the bach balls to your guests when they leave and this helps with the tidying up as well.

Fish cut-outs strung from above with fishing line and green and blue “seaweed” streamers twisted and hung around the area will also add to the atmosphere. Lots of sand on the floor won’t go amiss either (mother or hall keeper permitting) but is not really practical for most of us but you can dig out those pails and have sand indoors in a paddling pool or sand pit.  Easy to fill and empty too.  Why not combine the two, sand and water pools.  Fill plastic pails with loose sand and perhaps even some sea shells or plastic shovels.

Family Occasions are Fun


Introduce your guests to your tropical barbecue with its delicious smells from Hawaiian sweet and sour chicken and pork, coconut shrimp, grilled fish, colourful fruit kebabs, banana fritter and ice cream.

Adults will enjoy marinade grilled tuna or swordfish steak but the children will be less
adventurous and will really enjoy kebabs, chicken legs and burgers !! Don’t forget that most type of fresh seafood, prepared on the grill, is perfect for this theme all washed down  with loads of long cool Pina Coladas and other fancy cocktails for the adults and soft drinks for the children. Just give the children drinks with exotic sounding names.

Don’t forget lots of fresh salad with pineapple, banana and other fruit chunks.  It’s healthy too.

Consider a non alcoholic Tropical Punch and don’t forget for even more fun add drink party sticks and drink umbrella’s.  Skewered fruit cubes using strawberries, grapes. apples and fresh pineapple set into tall drinks looks so very, very cooool.  More so when the fruit strawberries etc are frozen. Your punch bowl can be a scooped out pineapple which also doubles as a nice table centre piece. Incidentally that  surf board left in the garage makes a great table.

Family Occasions are Fun


Most beach party games eg volley ball, beach boules, beach quoits all go down well. Consider a Limbo dance competition and perhaps a Hula Hoop competition. Both adults and children love to try.
Be imaginative. Instead of an egg and spoon race have a coconut relay race. Also don’t forget your “imaginary” surf board and air guitar and you could be Bob Marley!!

Pass the Pineapple/Coconut is pass the parcel but using pineapples or coconuts. Have the children sit in a circle and play festive Reggie or Hawaiian music while the children pass the pineapple/coconut from child to child.  When the music stops, the child holding the pineapple/coconut is out. The last person left in is the winner.

Lots of similar children’s games can be adapted to the Caribbean Theme with just a little imagination.  Musical Chairs can be Musical Beach Towels.  Get the idea?

As all the children will be looking so cool why not have a parade and give prizes for the best, most colourful, original or fun costume.

Family Occasions are Fun


No beach theme party is complete without music.  It has to be Reggae and Surf music so dig out those Beach Boys and Bob Marley albums.

For older children and your more mature guests if your budget can stretch to live music there are retro aloha music, steel and salsa bands. These remain a firm favourite to set the mood and feeling of the islands..

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Family Occasions are Fun

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Family Occasions are Fun

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