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Showing Caribbean Joe Children's Party Entertainer

Caribbean Joe Children’s Entertainer, is a colourful costume professional top class comedy, party, magic act with games, music, magic and puppets. Moreover everything is tailored to suit different children’s age groups Also with with full audience participation all your young guests will always be mesmerised.

Inviting Caribbean Joe to entertain your family and guests sets the right mood for your party.

By using the help of a professional children’s and family entertainer to take the strain off you makes absolute sense for your next family event.

Because Caribbean Joe is a professional children’s entertainer he provide children with loads of mojo magic party entertainment. This ensures your fun and laughter flows all day for all your guests both children and adults.

And is is so easy, I supply the “FUN” and ideas,  you supply the guests !!

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Family Occasions are Fun

A Hawaiian luau is Perfect for your next Family Celebration.

Showing Caribbean JoeNot only for birthday parties a Hawaiian luau is a perfect and different fun filled Family Party. This is the perfect theme family party idea for your next summer or winter family get together. Be it simply to enjoy a family get together, a birthday party, or just any old excuse to have a terrific fun event inviting Caribbean Joe makes organising your party entertainment ever so easy.

So let Caribbean Joe Children’s Entertainer set the party mood and take the strain out of entertaining everyone while you chill out and enjoy my mojo magic guaranteed. Remember Caribbean Joe keeps the  fun and laughter flowing all day for your guests both children and adults.

Summer is an exceptionally wonderful time for entertaining, and tropical beach birthday parties are fun and ever so easy to create.  Also enjoying the fun and feeling of a Hawaiian holiday and being eco friendly by not buying an airline ticket makes you feel all warm inside.

Everyone will “hang loose”  as they enjoy Caribbean Joe’s children’s entertainment at your festive party atmosphere full of colour, pleasant Hawaiian music and a feelings of carefree Aloha. Even here in Scotland we still have enough sunny days to allow you to use the outdoors as part of your decorating scheme, and you have easy access to your bar-b-cue.

Inspire your imagination and enhance your party entertainment is easy with Caribbean Joe to help with ideas. Perhaps go wild and have seaside effects.  Maybe a few stuffed seagulls hanging from the ceiling or perhaps some fishing nets? However it maybe a bad idea to have dead fish! Moreover a surf  board or odd oar, sand pit, beach balls and loungers would also be fun. Click here for more party inspiration.

Enjoy Caribbean Joe’s children’s entertainment and insist upon beach dress for everyone. Tell your guests to “Don’t Worry and be Happy” and I guarantee everyone will definitely be “Goin Loco down in Acapulco” !!

Caribbean Joe’s Beach theme is a terrific summer theme idea. Invite children to turn up with goggles and arm bands and Caribbean Joe will be happy to arrange beach games for their enjoyment. Maybe  even Volleyball with a balloon if younger children are involved.

A Hawaiian luau with Caribbean Joe is the perfect theme party entertainment idea for a summer birthday party. Or maybe just even an excuse for organising a fun event.

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Family Occasions are Fun

Invite Caribbean Joe to your child’s next Birthday Party and enjoy the following benefits:

😊Your child is the real STAR of the show
😊Fantastic value for money
😊Your guests fun is maximised
😊You feel  totally relaxed and stress free
😊Caribbean Joe takes all the strain in his stride
😊You enjoy your party more, knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves
😊Caribbean Joe knows children’s humour and what’s in and what’s out!
😊His colourful Hawaiian costume sets the tone of the party.

Children know that they are in for an extraordinary treat as Caribbean Joe makes every single child feel special no matter how many children are at your party. Afterwards all your child’s friends will be talking about the great time they had.Family Occasions are Fun


CALL RIGHT NOW  Direct Line: 0141 886 2905 or Mob: 07852726090

“You captured the children’s attention and imagination the minute the party began – in fact before that, when waiting on all the children to arrive.  You worked extremely hard and put a lot of preparation into your show.  The result was you gave Peter a wonderful 4th Birthday party to remember and my husband and I feel that we got value for money.

Since Peter’s party, the children all continue to talk about it and the great fun they had.   You obviously have a great love of children and enjoy what you do – this certainly comes across in your show.  The children were enthralled and captivated for the full two hours.

From my first contact I had with you I was always left feeling confident and having no worries about the party.  For that and also making Peter’s day so very, very special I cannot thank you enough.  I have passed your details to friends, nurseries and schools.  I do hope they book one of your shows and experience it for themselves.”

J Currie, Fauldshouse, West Lothian, Scotland