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Birthday Party Entertainment from Gordon Dickson Entertainments

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Professional Birthday Party Entertainment is now affordable.

Read How to Choose a Kids Party Entertainer for your Birthday Party and Easy Guide to Children’s Parties.  Also read Ten Birthday Party Tips to maximise your fun.

Now that you know what to look for when  hiring a children’s entertainer read below for your BEST EVER PARTY EXPERIENCE.

Gordon Dickson Entertainments


Showing Pirate Pete

A Very Imaginative Birthday Party Entertainer

Each magical Kids Birthday Party is honed by listening to the needs of parents and schools. Also each birthday party show is regularly updated to ensure they are always fresh and new.

Also when entertaining children my skills have to be as diverse and unique as your child’s own individual character. This, coupled with sensitivity creates your perfect children’s birthday party.

I use wonderful colourful props, puppets and story telling in each performance. Most importantly all of the party children are involved all of the time both emotionally and physically.

My aim is to provide party entertainment aimed directly at the age group concerned.

Working with you I blend five shows into one terrific show. Puppets, magic, games, competitions and dancing all create maximum enjoyment while building happy childhood memories lasting a lifetime.

Showing Pirate Pete and Birthday Boy at PartyWhy Bespoke Party Entertainment?

Today, children grow up all too fast and I truly believe we can build many more happy birthday memories. Much more than simply providing birthday party entertainment.

With fun entertainment happening throughout your party you gain loads of happy memories lasting long after your party ends.

Each amazing fun filled kids birthday party entertainment last one or two hours of non stop excitement.

Best Kids Birthday Parties

A “Gordon Dickson Entertainments” birthday party is underpinned by firm structures and techniques to bring out the best in your child. This makes it easy for children to smile, giggle and have fun while building memories and grow their imagination.

It is through this unique entertainment style that memories are made that last forever. Moreover using modern techniques to encourage children to be spontaneous encourages them to release their innate sense of fun and comic drama.

Showing Pirate Pete aboard The Tall Ship GlasgowDifferent Ages Mean Different Children’s Parties

For example children of three and four years have different requirements to children of eight or nine years therefore different routines are necessary.

Also some children are outgoing and confident while others are hesitant having not quite reached that stage in their development. All of this requires an individual approach to meet the particular needs of the party children.

In addition some children require additional support which when catered for increase the pleasure for everyone.

Showing children at Pirate Pete PartyUnder Four Years

For very young children Gordon provides a very gentle one hour show. Moreover Mr Giggles child friendly appearance makes even very young children feel relaxed and comfortable, think of Mr Tumble from CBBC. This means fearful tears are eliminated leaving lots more room for fun and laughter.

Moreover this ensures that even the youngest child’s first party is remembered with joy in the years ahead.

Mr Giggles uses story telling, puppets and colourful  magical props that toddlers readily relate to. This makes it easy to gain and maintain their attention but even more important, easy for children to express joy and fun.

Showing Mr Giggles with Birthday boy.Five Years to Eight Years

For children up to eight years Gordon sets their imagination alight. This means they undergo a magical party extravaganza like nothing experienced before.

Fast paced and fun for all. As soon as the laughter begins to subside it explodes again as the next wave of excitement engulfs. Also from start to finish your party is a fun packed roller coaster of non-stop thrills and laughter creating tons of happy memories.

And because all of the children are involved all of the time with magic, music, games and competitions there is something for everyone.

Showing Mr Giggles as Wizzy Wizard with party guestNine Years and Above

At this age children want real magic. Harry Potter and Dynamo have brought street credibility to magic and magicians. Even mental magic goes down well with this age group.

Close-up and incredible fun magic in their hands is the order of the day.

As a professional award winning magician Gordon not only brings fun and wonderment but suspends belief for the duration of your party.

He even demonstrates to his audience how they too can levitate their friends. 

Your Child’s Birthday Party is so Special

Showing Pirate Pete sharing fun and laughter at a party

You want your child to feel special in front of his/her friends especially when the centre of attention. It is this sensitivity that parents appreciate and what differentiates my birthday party entertainment from other entertainers.

Because I want your child to have a unique experience to remember no two birthday shows are alike. That’s why I make YOUR CHILD THE STAR of their party. There is even a special spot where your child produces their very own birthday present in a most magical way. This leaves their  friends amazed and mystified that they could do such great magic.

Your child deserves fantastic birthday party entertainment full of laughter and giggles.

It is also fantastic to hear your young guests telling their parents what a great time they had at your child’s party. This is why when booking your birthday party I take time to find out your requirements and then deliver your requirements.

It is not what suits me, the children’s party entertainer it is always what is best for you.

So please, because I cannot be in two places at the same time, before another mum hires me, don’t delay and….
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“Mr Giggles captured the children’s attention and held it throughout the show”

“He is a true professional entertainer and it shows”.

“We are very impressed with the choice of games and competitions for all ages”.

“Our five year old daughter has not stopped talking about Mr Giggles since”.

J McPhilemy, Glasgow, Scotland

“I was a bit apprehensive about Lewis taking part (because he can be a little shy) but I was over the moon that he enjoyed helping Pirate Pete.  I couldn’t believe he was standing in front of everyone.  This was due to Pirate Pete building his confidence before the show when Lewis assisted Pirate Pete set up.

Very professional, extremely entertaining for both children and adults, a natural.  Worth every penny and will book again next year”.

J Lunny, Darnley Glasgow, Scotland

“Not only did you entertain a wide age group of children (1-14 yrs) but all the adults from mums and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends had a great time”.

“The best ‘value for money’ entertainment”.

“Children who attended my son’s party still talk about it and remember what a great time they had”.

A Miller, Kilsyth, Scotland

“The choice of magic, games, competitions and dances were “perfect”. The children are enthralled by the whole show. They love it.

Pirate Pete made David’s party on the Tall Ship a very memorable and Fun event which he and his friends still talk about”.

C Alexander, Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland