Gordon Dickson – The Kids’ Party Specialist

Based in Renfrew Gordon Dickson has over 20 years experience in wedding and children’s birthday party entertainment. As a professional children’s entertainer Gordon Dickson provides personalised Birthday Party fun for children aged 4 upwards.

Gordon Dickson is a one stop Children’s Party Entertainer. Performing around Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Strathclyde and Lanarkshire as Pirate Pete and Mr Giggle and other fun characters.

Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete Kids Parties are designed for children and parents, who love to party.

Who I Help

Parents, schools, nurseries and children’s organisations with children aged between four years and ten years.  These shows are endorsed by mums and dads just like you so please read my many impartial reviews and decide if you want the best party for you and for your child.

Parents tell me they do not know of anyone who tries harder to ensure that their child has the best party possible.

How I Help

Blending high energy, unbelievable magic, captivating charm, fun, music, dancing and games at your home or in a hall you receive an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Commitment to providing added value going way beyond great a competitive price. You receive for free all those extras that are worth a lot. Like party planning expertise, total flexibility to meet your needs, expert and impartial advice, and total confidence knowing that the show you need and want will be delivered perfectly, on time and without fuss.

Who I Can’t Really Help

Although visually highly colourful and fun, as my shows are interactive involving all of the senses they are not wholly suitable to entertain babies and toddlers under three years unless they are part of an older audience. Sorry.

Having said that, different children develop and mature at different stages in their early years and since parents know their child much better than I do I always listen when a parent says their child is “advanced” for their age. Hence why I have performed many successful three year old parties.

However as a generalisation I would always advise parents to wait until their child is at least four years old before going to the expense of  hiring a children entertainer unless of course you also also need to entertain older children present

Gordon mesmerising birthday children at birthday partyThe Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete Brand

“Gordon Dickson Entertainments” is synonymous with high quality, fun, kids party entertainment. Each high energy party is built around the birthday child and full of fun and laughter.  This means you can have total confidence when booking that your magical fun party is spellbinding .

Every parents biggest nightmare has to be a room full of excited children all waiting to be entertained and an entertainer turning up late, or worse, not turning up at all.

I decided therefore that reliability was paramount both to me and to parents. Therefore I allow lots of time between shows for travel and set up time. Providing great customer service and pouring benefit after benefit on mums means a lot to me.

Gordon entertaining as Wizzi Wizard

Action-packed Children’s Party Entertainment

Every moment with your child is so very precious. Especially those special moments like birthdays and special family occasions.

Gordon Dickson Entertainments mission is to increase your party pleasure. To help you relax and enjoy your child’s party, knowing they are having incredible fun they will remember and treasure forever.

Reliability, safety and loads more fun with less effort and less cost is fully guaranteed.

Gordon performing Mobile Party EntertainmentIntroducing Fun Mobile Theatre Birthday Parties

Every year each party you organise becomes harder and harder to plan. Your party demands increase and the same old bog standard party entertainer, with the same old boring bag of tricks is quite simply out of date and frankly no longer fun. Hence the introduction of “Mobile Theatre”.

Mobile Theatre Parties are not simply great fun parties but more akin to pantomime where all of  your guests are totally mesmerised and involved. The characters are “over the top” silly stereotypes and the hero is always the birthday child.

Mostly hired by mums, Gordon Dickson Entertainments appreciates you want your child to have a perfect birthday party full of smiles and happy memories. And you also want your child to look super cool in front of all their friends.

Gordon at Rebecca's Birthday Party.

Working Together

My expertise and experience, together with your knowledge about your child, ensures that we provide solutions perfect for you. I also appreciate that establishing the right level of communication with a mum is so very vital.

Some mums want to be informed about every last detail. Others wish to play an active role in the creative brief. Then again, some mums simply hire me to what I do best.

By providing you with a range of options for your party, as well as allowing you direct access to become involved in the creative process, your party stays on track and delivers perfectly as you expect first time every time.

Both of us working in harmony to deliver exactly what you need means you always receive a unique party experience. Each show includes all those little added extras that make your party extra special, running smoothly with more enjoyment than you ever envisaged possible. Gordon’s highly interactive show keeps even your most jaded child engaged and on the edge of their seat!

Gordon as Pirate PeteWhy I treat you like a friend

You listen carefully to a friend because you respect their views and friends provide value to each other in all they say and do. Also you would not lie to a friend because you would not want to betray their trust. If they wish something that you do not think is in their best interests you can say “no” to a friend and they will understand why you are saying no.

As you can see, these are the very same qualities that you need when hiring a children’s entertainer, openness, honesty, mutual trust,  respect and enjoying each others company on your child’s happy day.

People are the determining factor in all relationships; it is both of our actions together that guarantees the success of your kids party.


Direct Line: 0141 886 2905 or Mob: 07852726090


“To use my twenty years entertainment experience to give every child
Loads of Happy Moments Building Life Long Happy Childhood Memories.”

“All the children were completely enthralled by Pirate Pete’s antics. The show was superb and completely different from anything my children have seen. I feel the show was value for money although slightly more expensive than other entertainers I have booked. The enthusiasm and professionalism was superb and well worth the money.

Pirate Pete captured the children’s imagination and attention from the moment he entered the room. He was still performing tricks for my son even when he was packing his car to go home. 28 Children and 10 adults had a fantastic day. This will be a birthday party they will remember for a very long time. It’s just a pity I didn’t know of you a few years ago!”

F Young, Larbert, Scotland

“We held our son’s 5th birthday party on the last weekend in November this year-just as the snow arrived! Gordon made the journey to our venue despite the bad weather. This eventually took him around 2 hours, but he still arrived in time to set up and start the party at 10 am as planned!

This illustrates how committed he is to providing an excellent service and is typical of the very high standard we experienced when dealing with Gordon. From planning the party right through to the day itself. He is very flexible and totally focused on creating the best experience for the birthday child and their friends.

He made our son feel really special and is so skilled at involving all of the children in the fun! The magic and entertainment was of a high standard-the children and adults had a ball!

So many parents have commented on how much their children enjoyed the party. Even those who normally don’t participate in such events! Pirate Pete was an invaluable addition to our Peter Pan party. This meant we could relax and share in more of the event, instead of being completely stressed out!

Can’t recommend Gordon highly enough-worth every penny!”

Gillian Estebanez, Kinross, Scotland