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An Entertainment Idea to Solve All

Your Birthday Party Problems

Reading This will Change Forever
How You View Your Child’s Next Birthday Party
Here is what one Happy Mum said

"This children's birthday party has been the most talked about party
I've ever known. Parents of children who are reluctant to talk about
what they have done at a party have been telling me their child has
been very vocal and love Pirate Pete. 

The children were amazed by everything. You moved from one activity
to the next quickly and the pace of the party was just right.

The show was all about the kids.  They were the main focus of the entire show.
They were always involved. 

In many other shows the children simply sit and watch.  Pirate Pete's ability to relate to and involve his audience was fantastic.  As a teacher I was very impressed with the way the
children responded to the show.

You pay for what you get!!
If you want a good quality show then it's worth it.
The price is good."

J Paton, Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland

When it just has to be Perfect
For You and Your Guests

Scotland's Highly Recommended Children's Party Entertainer
***Voted by Parents # 1 in Scotland***
Children's Favourite Party Entertainer in Scotland
 "Thanks to all those many mums and dads who hire and recommend me to their friends
and to all those wonderful happy children who said
"thanks mum and dad that was awesome, absolutely brilliant, my best party ever"

"I truly thank you for your support and loyalty over the years"

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Happy Independent Reviews

Why You Should
Contact Pirate Pete Today

"Your Child is Unique"

Every child is different and no one should be put in a box or categorised.
THIS means you need someone to give you of their time, to listen, reflect and
discuss those matters important to you,  after all you don't want to gamble
with your child's birthday party enjoyment.

Pirate Pete offers just that, which means and a kids show
that is just right for you and your child and not simply a bog standard party.

It is also helpful to chat things over and for you to get a feel for, not just what I do, 
but also so you will know that you will feel very comfortable taking my advice.

My "Commitment to You" is to fully understand what you want
so that I can fully deliver what you NEED.

"Bottom line"

My business goal is simple

To ensure that your child has the best, most memorable, fun, birthday party ever and for you to have the most stress free party.


Because I specialise in Birthday Parties
You Are Guaranteed
To Avoid Stress and Pain and Increase Your Fun

It is difficult being a parent these days with so much to do and so little time.
Every moment is so very precious. Especially those special occasions like birthdays.

Let me make things easy for you and help you save time, stress and money.

My aim is to increase your comfort as you relax enjoying your child's party knowing that your child feels extra special having an incredible experience that they will remember and treasure forever.

As the centre of attraction watch their self esteem grow and their popularity swell
as their friends all have an incredible fun time all thanks to you.

I help parents just like you ensure your child's party is lots more fantastic fun by taking all the stress
away from you.  You rightly claim your praise as every other mum and child go wow with excitement
while you save time and money by using my expertise.

Also following my advice you do not have to spend extra money on providing any additional forms of entertainment such as bouncy castles.

Reliability, safety
and loads more fun with less effort is my hallmark and your rights
as also is your right to expect quality entertainment which is fully guaranteed.

Pirate Pete is Never Knowingly Bettered
on Price Quality, Service and Value for Money

"Never knowingly bettered" is my lifelong commitment to providing every parent and child the best value
through great shows, at great prices, supported by a brilliant service before and after the event.

I appreciate that price is really important in today’s market place, and that is why I put so much effort into getting it right.  I check and match, and often better, the price of my local competitors.
I even match competitors’ sale prices and regularly offer past clients special deals for their loyalty.  

Pirate Pete is confident that, like for like,  I offer the best quality show at the best price in the market.

My commitment to value goes beyond competitive prices.  I provide for free all those extra things
that are worth a lot - like expert and impartial advice, or the feeling of total confident knowing
that the show you need and want will be delivered reliably, on time, perfectly, every time and without fuss.

I truly believe “Never Knowingly Bettered” is as important today as it was when I first started entertaining over 14 years ago.  After all, value and quality is something that should last a lifetime.

So my unique promise to you is this.
If you find another entertainer charging less for the same quality show and service I’ll match that price.
No other entertainer does this but I genuinely desire your total satisfaction.

Consider This

Would you invest a massive sum emotionally and financially in buying your perfect dream home and then, to reduce costs, risk everything by hiring cowboys to finish the plumbing, electrics and joinery
or would you hire experienced tradesmen who you can trust to deliver the perfect result?

You don't just want OK for our dream home, nor do you want just okay for your child's birthday party.
You look at the big picture.  You want the best for your child and hire a highly respected professional
to ensure that the best is always delivered first time every time with confidence.

An expert you can trust will undoubtedly cost a little more up front but a badly done job
could actually damage your property and will most certainly ruin your child's birthday party.

The best value and return for your investment often does not come from the cheapest source.  When you are organising something as important as your child's birthday party it is simply not worth risking embarrassing your child in front of their friends by hiring the wrong children's entertainer.

Let's face reality.  If your party is a flop it is a flop.  You cannot say to your child don't worry we shall do something better tomorrow.  You wont.  You have to wait a full year before the next birthday comes around.

 It is a much wiser choice to engage a true professional who comes highly recommend and who is confident enough to put his reputation and livelihood on the line to help you by guaranteeing his work to ensure you, your child, and all their guests entire satisfaction.

The most wonderful words every parents can hear is when their  child says
"thanks mum and dad that was my best party ever"

Are "Fun Mobile Theatre Birthday Parties"
So Very Different to
Anything you've had Before?

"In a word......YES"

Pirate Pete Brings you Innovation

Year after year each Birthday Party you organise gets harder and harder to plan.  The demands seem to increase and the same old bog standard party entertainer with the same old boring bag of tricks
is quite simply out of date and no longer fun.

Past clients say that I am very different from other entertainers that they have hired in the past
not only in the range of services I provide but also in my whole approach to helping them.

As I am mostly hired by mums, I realise that you want your child to have a perfect day to
remember and that you need to be absolutely sure that your chosen entertainer will deliver. 

I know that you want your child to look good in front of their friends and to view their childhood as a series of wonderful powerful, emotional memories which will last a lifetime long after your party is over.

Your child's birthday party is a celebration and hosting your event is ever so easy and safe especially
when you lean on my vast experience to help guide you on what really makes your child's party special
and the birthday girl or boy looking super
cool in front of all his or her friends.

Many mums say they love how Pirate Pete quickly achieves a rapport with his young audiences
that is unequalled in this area of children's entertainment.

Even the very shy child quickly warms to Pirate Pete's gentle manner in a way parents could only have imagined as being possible and lots of rapport leads to loads of happy children and parents, and a great birthday party experience for all the children.

I understand that every client is different and believe that my expertise combined with my experience,
together with your knowledge about your child, ensures that I can quickly understand your needs
and provide a service with solutions that are tailored to your individual circumstances.
This means that you and your child will have a very unique experience just right for you both.

We all hate disappointment.  Whether it’s poor food in a restaurant, an order delivered late
or people making promises they fail to keep.  It’s extremely frustrating when something fails
to meet our expectations especially when our guests and friends are involved.

That's why when it comes to delivering your perfect party I plan your day as if you are a visiting dignitary on a flying visit where everything has to work exceptionally well first time every time.

But I also appreciate that establishing the right level of communication with a mum is so very vital.
Some mums want to be informed about every last detail; others wish to play an active role
in the creative brief, while others again want to be left alone while I do what I do best.

By providing you with a range of options, as well as allowing you direct access to become involved
in the creative process, your party stays on track and delivers perfectly first time every time.

I always give you a unique party.  Both of us work in harmony to deliver exactly what you wish easily
with no surprises.  This way, I provide you with those little extras that make your party extra special,
flowing smoothly, perfectly, successfully and with more enjoyment than you ever envisaged possible.

And, when your party is over, the expression on your child’s face will tell you it was all worthwhile.

This Could Be You

"We held our son's 5th birthday party on the last weekend in November this year just as the snow arrived!  Gordon made the journey to our venue despite the dreadful weather, which eventually took him around 2 hours, and he still arrived in time to set up and start the party at 10am as planned!

This illustrates how committed he is to providing an excellent service and is typical of the very high standard we experienced when dealing with Gordon, from planning the party through to the day itself.
He is very flexible and totally focused on creating the best experience for the birthday boy or girl
and all of their friends.

He made our son feel really special and was so skilled at involving all of the children in the fun!
The magic and entertainment was of a high standard-the children and adults had a ball!

So many parents have commented on how much their children enjoyed the party, even those who normally don't participate in such events! Pirate Pete was an invaluable addition to our Peter Pan Birthday Party and meant that we could relax and share in more of the event, instead of being completely stressed out!

Can't recommend Gordon highly enough - worth every penny!"

Gillian Estebanez, Kinross, Scotland

What Do You Need To Do Right Now?

The quickest and simplest way to get all of your questions answered is to call me right now
for a free consultation.  At that time we can discuss your event and your exact needs in detail.
You can ask ANY questions you want and receive an immediate response.  

I'm not going to try to "sell" you anything during our call so you can relax.  What I will do is listen
to what you want and need, make suggestions, and if my suggestions are perfect for you and your child, then
by all means take them on board.

Indeed if I think that Mobile Theatre is not right for you I will tell you straight away
of someone who could possibly help you better I shall provide you with their details
so you can contact them direct.  I really cannot be fairer than that.

My time is very limited, so to avoid disappointment, it is important that you do not delay.


While you're thinking about it, pick up the phone and CALL NOW for advice
to start enjoying your best birthday party experience ever. It's so simple, quick and easy.

Phone Now 0141 886 2905 or 07852726090

now for your child's best ever birthday party experience......Guaranteed 

Why do mums listen to Pirate Pete

"Because He Always (over) Delivers"

First and foremost Pirate Pete specialises in Children's Fun Party Entertainment
so you know that you are in safe hands and you save money because I am totally affordable.

Pirate Pete's Fun Mobile Theatre creates wonderful powerful, emotional memories which last a lifetime.

Pirate Pete works with busy parents, schools, nurseries and companies who demand the best
children’s entertainment possible that is
different and completely stress free by helping
you create maximum enjoyment building wonderful happy memories that will last a lifetime using a
unique blend of five shows rolled into one, namely puppets, magic, games competitions and dancing.

I offer a number of different packages to suit even the most demanding parents and schools.
 For example,
Pirate Pete's birthday party show is ideal for between around 15-35 children
and is aimed mainly at the 3-11 age-group.

This package, in your home or a hall is intended to leave you with little to do
apart from serve food and enjoy the party!

You even save more money and time by not having to shop for prizes!!

For an idea of the success of this package, please read through my many testimonials.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Your sceptical?  I don't blame you.  I would feel the same way.

deserve solid proof that the service you purchase will add fun and value to your life and that of your
family and not find later that it is poor quality and not providing what you expected.

Please read my many impartial comments and then decide for yourself......do you want the very best
for you and for your child or do you simply want okay

My shows have been endorsed by many mums and dads just like you.
Please read why happy parents insist on the benefits I offer and come back year after year.

Proven results guaranteed every time.
Fun Mobile Theatre at its very Best
For Your Peace of Mind
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Birthday Reviews

Always Working with You and For You
Driven by Service and Quality
to Satisfy your Every Wish

 Life is often so much better when you can mix and match ideas to get exactly what you want and need. 

For example, you might want a new car but you would rather have black instead of silver.
It’s only a small change, but often it’s the finer details that make the difference between you feeling just okay
and you feeling absolutely, totally happy and immensely satisfied with your purchase.

I know how much I appreciate it when people go the extra mile to help and please me, and I know that
past clients also appreciate my going the extra step to ensure their entire satisfaction. 

I always listen to your requests in order to prepare the right show which is just right for you based on your needs and those of your child.  This might mean me being a different character, using other props or providing
 a soft gentle show for a child who does not like loud noise.  Whatever your needs, I provide
the right show to meet all your options.  Sadly however, I can’t offer you a new car ! Sorry !

Why I treat you like a friend

Let us examine what it is like to be treated as a friend.

You can say "no" to a friend and they will understand why you are saying no.  You would not lie to a friend
because you would not want to betray their trust.  You can have fun with a friend because you really enjoy
each others company and you listen carefully to a friend, because you want to respect their views
even when they differ from yours.  If I think that my advice is right for you I will say so and explain why.

And friends provide value to each other in what they say and through their activities together.

As you can see, these are the very same qualities that you need when hiring a children's entertainer, openness,  honesty, mutual trust, respect and great value being able to enjoy each others company on your happy day.

People are the determining factor in all relationships; it is both of our actions together
that will ensure the success of your child's birthday party.

Can I Book with Confidence?

I realise that your time is very valuable and if you want your party to be successful
and relaxed, you simply can't do everything by yourself.

I’m here to help and take all the hard work out of organising your party
so that you can focus on what it is that you do best --- bringing your passion to the fore !

With over twenty years experience as a full time professional kids party entertainer
Pirate Pete ensures you a professional approach which means that you can be certain that when I guarantee
that you will have the most memorable party ever, it's based upon over 20 years of dedicated effort to my
craft, and not from someone, who having been made redundant, just learned from a magic DVD bought last week! 

Pirate Pete is in constant demand and has performed many "repeat" parties for the same parents, children
and schools year after year.  This means that
YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT that I can and will
deliver exactly what you and your child need to ensure an unforgettable fantastic experience. 

My promise to "exceed" your expectations has helped me to become one of the most respected children's entertainers in Scotland.

All of this means there's no need for you to worry and, knowing that my business is
"DRIVEN BY SERVICE" means that

You are always assured of getting the very best fun, unique, stress free party entertainment conceivable at the very best price possible.

Don't Risk Embarrassing Your Child

If your child's birthday party is a flop its a flop......end of story.
You will be embarrassed, your child will be shattered and your guests will be let down.

It is no use saying we will do better next year.  The damage is done.

That's why I tailor each and every show to your and your child's needs and interests.
You won't find any bog standard party advice here.

Each show has been developed in partnership with mums and dads guaranteed
to give you peace of mind that your party will be a roaring success.

I am not a worrier but I do not take chances with anyone's party entertainment.

Please Let me Help You Too
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More Happy Parent Independent Reviews on "FreeIndex"


The Party Entertainer Recommended by other Children's Entertainers?
My birthday party entertainment works because I've dedicated my time and talents
to making life easier for mums and dads throughout Scotland.  I've spent years listening to what
children and mums need and want and then perfected my shows in front of live audiences

Because I specialise in children's party entertainment you can be certain you'll always get the same
high quality and value for money show that you and your family deserve.

That's why people come back time after time safe in the knowledge that their child
will feel VERY, VERY special and all of their guests always feel totally amazed and happy.

You will never hear anyone  say "seen it, done it, boring".
Mobile Theatre is a new exciting style of children's entertainment.

The show is never about me it is always about the children.

 Together we can make your child's next birthday party
totally amazing, fun and unforgettable.

Click Here and Get Free Expert Help from the Party Expert
Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete Scotland's Birthday Party Specialist

Find out why many parents just like you always insist upon Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete
for their affordable Risk Free Child's Amazing Fun Mobile Theatre Birthday Party.

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"Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete is so very Different"
And P
hone now
for your free consultation and friendly advice
for your child's best ever, birthday party experience
0141 886 2905 or Mob: 07852726090

A Great Party Guaranteed and No Worries?
Tell me More

I know you're probably sceptical. That's good, normal and healthy
but I really do try harder so your child has the best Birthday Party ever
and when you see their happy smiles you will know you made the right decision.

In these times of uncertainty it is good to know that you have someone
who you can trust and always rely upon.

My aim is to always provide you with maximum enjoyment
without you having to spend a penny more than you have to.

I really do want to add value to your party.

As a Professional Birthday Party Entertainer I remove the strain from parents
which means that you can sit back and truly enjoy your child's party celebration.

Imagine the wonder in your child's eyes when I demonstrate illusion after illusion;
you'll see their entire face light up with excitement, joy and happiness!

If you want me to, I will even make your child float in mid air although I don't recommend
 it for younger children as their first time "flying" can be a little scary !!

Fun Mobile Theatre creates wonderful powerful, emotional memories which will last a lifetime.

Your Child will never forget their perfect fun birthday party
"I Guarantee it"

"For Your Safety"

Approved and Certified by "Disclosure Scotland" to entertain Children
(including latest Vulnerable Groups Scotland Act 2007)

Member of PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme

Methodology Statement Available

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Risk Assessment Report Available

"If your Looking For Really Cheap"
Children's Entertainment ?

Then.........please don't call me.

Some people say "I only want a price".  And that's okay but a price for what?

If you are going on holiday you want to know what you will receive for your hard earned cash
and it is the same when  planning a party.
You need to know what you will receive in order to know whether it meets your needs.
If it does not, you have wasted your money no matter how cheap it is.

And if you want to risk ruining your child's party that's okay too.

There are a lot of unprofessional cheap acts available.  I definitely would NOT recommend them.

On the other hand, if you truly want to safeguard your child's enjoyment
and want the very BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD then please read on.

It is often  a lot, lot less than you may initially imagine.


 As a children’s entertainer and parent of two girls I know that a customer who is happy with their purchase is a customer that returns again and again. That's why transparency and honesty are important to me.

Mums and dads love this accomplished entertaining character just as much as the children do.   Ease of booking, prompt follow-up calls and access to extensive promotional materials are just some of the reasons why mums, dads, teachers, party organisers, activities directors and entertainment providers
rave about how friendly and professional Pirate Pete is.

Pirate Pete knows all the ins and outs of the children’s live entertainment industry and is committed to the exact same thing you are - giving your child and guests many happy childhood experiences of a lifetime.

It’s a no obligation discussion. 

I will explain how my party entertainment will meet the challenges of hosting your party.
So I’m making you a promise.  Give me a call and learn just how good your party can be.
You have nothing to lose and will gain a lot.

If you like what I offer, I will provide bespoke party entertainment just right for you
or - you can take my ideas and hire someone else.

Either way, it means you don’t have to waste time worrying.

"Fun Mobile Interactive Theatre Entertainment"
(in your home, club, hotel, school or a hall)

Why choose Fun Mobile Theatre when there are so many other party options available?
You can take your child to McDonalds, a fun factory or other play area?
For that matter why have a birthday party at all?

ANSWER:-Because you love your child and you want to build fantastic happy childhood memories
which will last a lifetime long after your party is finished.
Nothing brings as much pleasure to your child as having a bespoke birthday show
base around their personality, needs and interests.

However choosing the right experienced entertainer can be a risky business.
Believe me I know all the professional entertainers out there!!!

Giving your child their best party experience is a big commitment for parents and you owe it to yourself
to ensure that you hire, the right entertainer at the right price, for you and your child.

Having provided unique, fun, hilarious mobile theatre entertainment for many birthday parties,
 christenings and weddings over many years, I know that you have a lot on your plate already.

So you need someone you can depend upon to provide their service professionally, without fuss
and be totally flexible to meet your every need.

Helping parents and entertaining children is all I do. I believe that concentrating solely on this one field of entertainment makes me the best at all I do and I know that I have countless previous clients who agree with me.

Because I specialise in Children's Birthday Party, Wedding and Christening Entertainment
you know you are in very experienced, reliable safe hands.

Was your last Party Full of Fun or Stress?

Children's Birthday Parties are meant to be a time for you and your child to have loads of fun
 and build happy smiling memories but all mums benefit from a little expert help from time to time
from an experienced friendly professional who removes all your strain and transforms your average
birthday party into a memorable great one.

Let's face it, to most parents, the task of organising a children's party is a daunting one.

No matter how brave you feel before the event, the real test comes on the day itself
as you prepare to receive a host of youngsters most of whom you have never met before.

Furthermore the day poses many questions such as:

How will I entertain them
How will I cope if the children are naughty
What if they are bored
If I hire an entertainer how do I know if they are any good
Do they specialise in children's parties or do they attempt to perform "for all occasions"
Will they be reliable / dependable
Can I trust the entertainer to make my child's party a success
 Will they turn up on time
Do they have a legitimate business ID and are they appropriately disclosed
How do I know if the entertainment cost is fair and value for money

And Finally.....Where will I find a great professional children's birthday party entertainer
and not some inexperienced amateur who is just starting out?

So what are you waiting for?

You avoid pitfalls by engaging
"Pirate Pete / Mr Giggles"
(the professional children's party entertainer)

 Take your first easy step to organising your child's best ever birthday party… you’ll be happy
and surprised when you find out just how quick and simple it is!
Phone now for your best free birthday party advice ever........Guaranteed

0141 886 2905 or Mob: 07852726090
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to excel at what I do best


Pirate Pete Mobile Theatre is a Unique Experience

Why mobile theatre you might ask since there is nothing quite like it available for productions in small halls
or even peoples homes.  Mobile theatre appeals to all of the emotions and involves all of the audience.
Children do not simply sit and watch, they participate.  Each show evolves through a question and answer session with parents aimed at bringing originality and fun to the fore making your "unique" production
a truly magical experience for your child by creating
wonderful powerful, emotional memories
which will last a lifetime.

Entertaining children is all I do. I believe that concentrating solely on this one field of entertainment made me the best at all I do and I know that I have countless happy clients who agree with me.

I work with busy parents, schools and nurseries who want children’s entertainment that is different and
stress free. I help create maximum enjoyment and build happy childhood memories, which will last a lifetime.

Over twenty years experience as a professional full time entertainer guarantees you a professional approach to all
our dealings from the moment you contact me to after the party is finished which makes everything so easy for you.

Amazing Birthday Party Entertainment
is so "EASY" when You Know How

 Now Click Here to View Why Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete is

 The Most Highly Recommended Children's Entertainer in Glasgow, Scotland

Thank you for visiting my site.
Please brows around.

I appreciate your comments, both good and bad.

Good ones make me happy.
Bad ones help me improve!

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